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Acklio launches worldwide first “IP-over-LPWAN backup connectivity”

Acklio opens new markets for LPWAN networks, beyond IoT applications. Together with Cisco, the startup showcases the worldwide first IP over LPWAN router backup connectivity. This new product completes Acklio’s suite of IP over LPWAN solutions. The use-cases include data center management, isolated router connectivity and, of course, smart grid.

Network administrators regularly have to check on their network devices, to fix problems, perform regular software updates or review configuration. To allow connectivity even when the equipment is inaccessible through the operating network, out-of-band management solutions are deployed through classical wireless or wired connection. Acklio now offers an innovative redundancy solution addressing the worst-case outage scenarios and providing fully independent connectivity.

Acklio LPWAN backup connectivity kit allows setup an additional “virtual wire” to your Cisco IOx network devices. It works out-of-the-box and provides full end-to-end security to routers and switches. Plus, contrary to 3G/4G mobile networks, LPWAN allow deploying dedicated private networks on industrial sites, smart grid areas or datacenters without licence requirements.

This new product is the very first industrial implementation of the IETF SCHC compression-decompression technology. This innovation of Acklio enables interoperable use of the IP protocol suite across LPWAN. It drastically facilitates building rich energy efficient services without the constraints related to proprietary technologies. IP over LPWAN finally allows to easily switching from arduous bespoke device development to large-scale device and service developments.

For Alexander Pelov, CEO of Acklio, “the launching of this product marks a milestone for the world of LPWAN. Using LPWAN services becomes as easy as using the web – all based on open standard technology. We are proud to launch this turn-key solution together with CISCO. It addresses our customers’ needs today and leads the way to building plug-and-play, interoperable, end-to-end secured LPWAN services.

“As the global leader in IP networking, Cisco is delighted to have developed alongside Acklio a turnkey backup connectivity kit which offers IPv6 reachability across LPWAN in case of a major primary network outage. By integrating LPWAN and IP, this solution provides value to our customers with critical infrastructure in remote locations today, while setting the stage for additional solutions that combine the power of IP networking with the unique capabilities of LPWAN tomorrow.” explains W. Mark Townsley, Cisco Fellow, Chief Technology and Architecture Office.

Product details:

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Press contact

Acklio:, +33 (0) 6 30 92 39 12

Cisco France: Laetitia Raphalen,

ComCorp: Caroline Pierron / Tiffany Ngo,, T01 84 17 84 15

About Acklio

Acklio provides software solutions to enable any LPWAN network with IP (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT…). The solutions deliver native interoperability, universal and simple integration and end-to-end security. Building on more than 20 years research experience and more than 13 doctoral thesis in network protocols, architecture and security, Acklio software is the first worldwide implementation of the new compression-decompression technology for LPWAN. Read more at and download presskit.

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