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Acklio Software for Core Networks

With Acklio software for core network you can unlock true potential of the IoT and bring interoperability between sensors, networks and applications, easy integration and secured interaction.

IP over LPWAN backup connectivity

Setup an additional “virtual wire” to your network equipments

Acklio LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit allows secured SSH communications over LPWAN with routers and switches. It addresses the worst-case outage scenarios by offering an innovative redundancy solution for network administrator to connect, diagnose and fix problems remotely.

The kit includes an Acklio’s 2M modem plug & play USB device and Acklio softwares for core networks. It works out-of-the-box to provide fully independent connectivity and end-to-end security to network devices.


+ Full IP connectivity to your router / computer
+ SCHC header compression
+ Based on standard LoRaWAN protocol
+ Multi-networks solution (LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cat-M1, Wi-Sun…)


+ Out-of-Band management
+ End-to-end security
+ Plug-and-play solution
+ Seamless business continuity
+ Remote Login
+ Multi-networks interoperability

Our IP over LPWAN Backup connectivity runs with Acklio software for core networks.

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Acklio software raises the barriers to a sustainable LPWAN IoT implementation

We provide LPWA networks interoperability, IP enablement, seamless integration, future-proof investment, end to end security, devices and systems compatibility, facilitated data management, device energy efficiency, innovative compression.


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