Internet of Things with no compromise

Acklio brings standards-based software so that you no longer have to choose between interoperability and security for your low-power wide-area IoT projects.


For future-proof IoT projects & increased time-to-market

Based on the latest standards, Acklio empowers your IoT deployments with the ability to transport the standardized IP stack over the IoT constraint networks. As a result: native interoperability, ease of deployment and best standardized security practices.


Your connectivity needs and constraints are multiple. Combine the benefits of each connectivity technology (Ethernet, Wifi, 5G, LPWANs,...) in an integrated and secure architecture. As a common layer, IP facilitates integration and management for your teams to increase the value of your data.


Ensuring the stability and security of a multi-connectivity architecture becomes a real challenge when scaling up. Acklio offers a solid foundation on which you build seamless full IP-integrated IoT solutions. Acklio is the future-proof investment to manage your next million connected devices.


The constraints of low-consumption networks have forced suppliers to offer proprietary security solutions for each technology. Thanks to IP-over-LPWAN, Acklio provides true end-to-end security by using the best security practices in the field, the DTLS, and OSCORE standards for a consistent security policy.

Start today with Acklio

Acklio provides turnkey software solutions to build a safe and efficient Internet of Things that lasts over time without hidden costs nor unpleasant surprise. As we know that many players are not yet ready to invest, our software suite follow you from proof of concept to full-scale deployments.

Deploy your private LoRaWAN® Network

Set up a LoRaWAN® radio coverage to connect devices across your buildings, your farm or your city.

Upgrade your skills and refine your project with plug & play starter kits. Then scale up preserving service continuity.


Build your multi-connectivity architecture thanks to an IP-based convergence

“Internet of Things” starts with “Internet.” At Acklio, we are committed to bringing low-power networks into the IP sphere.

Make the most of both wired and wireless sets of connectivities to build the wealthiest possible services. Acklio’s IP network core takes care of orchestrating communications with your IoT devices. We ensure the easiest and safest integration of IoT into your IP architecture.


Activate LPWAN as a redundancy backup link for your IP equipment

Thanks to Acklio, low-power technologies are no longer reserved for the only battery-powered sensors. Secure your IP network equipment with LPWAN backup connectivity. It allows you to open a console to resolve failures remotely, even when Ethernet or 3G/4G operating networks are down.


Acklio Academy: learn, test & deploy

LPWAN are challenging technologies. They offer amazing possibilities but only after you climbed the learning curve.

Acklio provides a variety of training solutions for operational staff, students, researchers, and makers. We make you get your hands dirty: you choose your starter kit, then access the content of your choice, online or during face-to-face seminars.


Towards an IoT with no compromise thanks to the Internet Protocols

Why and how implement SCHC in your IoT project today. You’ll learn about the new IETF compression standard practices in IoT security and future-proof convergence over IP.

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