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Unifying LPWAN Networks


and unlock true potential of the IoT. With IP over LPWAN, speed up development, reduce costs and deployments time of new IoT solutions.


LPWAN networks and run transparently all your IoT devices across any LPWAN technology.


end-to-end LPWAN communications and preserve security, integrity, and privacy.

Software for the next 7 billion IoT devices

Acklio software for Core Networks

Unlock true potential of the IoT and bring interoperability between sensors, networks and applications.

Transform IoT in IP and run any applications accross any LPWAN technologies.

Acklio LPWAN IP Core

Deploy and manage your Secure Private Network based on LoRaWAN.

Acklio LoRa Network Server

Acklio software for Devices

Develop innovative IoT products, connect and manage your current or future devices to a real and secure IoT world

Device SDK

Acklio is trusted by market leaders

Enabling LPWAN networks interoperability (LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sigfox…), Acklio benefits to the all IoT ecosystem

Luc Bretones, Director for Orange Technocenter, Read more

We are thrilled with this latest milestone in our quest to support and promote interoperability in the IoT. It is critical that the industry rallies together to adopt open Internet standards to unlock the true potential of the IoT.

Juan-Carlos Zúñiga, senior standardisation expert at Sigfox, Read more

IP over LPWAN is a major step for Internet of Things, at least as significant as the introduction of 6LoWPAN ten years ago.

Pascal Thubert, Principal Engineer at Cisco, Read more

Cisco is delighted to have developed alongside Acklio a turnkey backup connectivity kit which offers IPv6 reachability across LPWAN in case of a major primary network outage. By integrating LPWAN and IP, this solution provides value to our customers with critical infrastructure in remote locations.

W. Mark Townsley, Cisco Fellow, Chief Technology and Architecture Office, Read more


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Acklio provides Software for Secure, Seamless, Standard-based IoT

We provide future-proof solutions delivering native network interoperability, universal and simple integration in any IT system, and end-to-end security for IoT systems for SmartCities, SmartAgriculture, Industry 4.0, Smart Grid, Smart Building and more.

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