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Acklio brings IP-based communication to the emerging IoT Networks. This means all new capabilities to LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and many more. Benefit from, rich, cost-effective, energy-efficient and flexible connectivity to roll out your critical applications. 

Utility use case

Roll-out smart electricity meters on LoRaWAN

Acklio opens a new era to smart metering: benefit from the flexibility, low cost, ease of deployment and management of the LoRaWAN connectivity.

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Utility use case

Roll-out smart
electricity meters over LoRaWAN®

Acklio opens a new era to smart metering: benefit from the flexibility, low cost, ease of deployment and management of LoRaWAN to deploy standard DLMS meters.

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Learn, test, prototype and showcase IPv6 over LoRaWAN® with Acklio SCHC. Request access to SCHC embedded library, Acklio Cloud platform, and complete documentation,

Protocol Adaptation

Convert wired services, or densify a network of legacy devices, with LPWAN connectivity, while keeping the original applications and communication protocols.

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Network Convergence

Combine connectivity technologies and ensure consistent device management and exposure. LPWAN devices are known and managed as IP devices.

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Universal Device

Develop or adapt your application to any LPWAN technology. Built on top of our SCHC SDK, it remains compatible with the different underlying connectivity.

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Acklio  adapts your application protocols ...

... to IoT network technologies!

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“Once deployed at large scale, SCHC will unlock a technical barrier that has threatened to stall Internet of Things (IoT) traction by directly addressing the inherent limited throughput and capacity of NB-IoT and lack of Internet Protocol (IP) interoperability of some LPWANs.”
Lorenzo Amicucci
Business Development Manager
“EDF has supported the standardization work of the SCHC technology since the beginning. As a solution provider, this standard layer allows to diversify our portfolio of technologies to best fit our international customers' needs, while providing them with the guarantee of interoperability.”
Vincent Audebert
IoT project manager
"Utilities’ interest in LoRaWAN is growing, to fill in gaps in coverage of existing deployments and to provide the connectivity to an entire fleet of meters.
We chose Acklio to ensure compliance with the new communication profile. It guarantees our meters with full interoperability with the global DLMS/COSEM ecosystem. Moreover, by completing integration in just a few weeks, working with Acklio allowed us to bring the product to market in record time!"
LeTae He
Vice-President of Kaifa
“IPv6 support is a new milestone for LoRaWAN and the LoRa Alliance. It relies heavily on Acklio’s contributions to the IPv6 Task Force and is now proven on DLMS for smart metering.
I want to thank Acklio for their support and contributions to driving the LoRaWAN standard forward. The Alliance is working closely with Acklio and our membership at large to expand the scope of LoRaWAN in many other market verticals.”
Donna Moore
“We believe in the power of simplicity, so we worked with Acklio on a new approach that unifies and simplifies customers’ life, especially developers and network managers.
The new standard, called SCHC, will allow customers to use and manage LoRaWAN the same way as other IP networks, by using well-known APIs and tools.”
Dominique Barthel
Principal Research Engineer
"As the global leader in IP networking, Cisco is delighted to have developed alongside Acklio a turnkey backup connectivity kit which offers IPv6 reachability across LPWAN in case of a major primary network outage.
By integrating LPWAN and IP, this solution provides value to our customers with critical infrastructure in remote locations today, while setting the stage for additional solutions that combine the power of IP networking with the unique capabilities of LPWAN tomorrow.”
W. Mark Townsley
Cisco Fellow
"Acklio's SCHC adaptation layer opens up new markets for LoRaWAN by enabling internet based solutions to be carried on over LoRaWAN networks with low integration costs and in record time.
Built on standards, the solutions based on SCHC ensure interoperability across the entire IoT chain."
Remi Demerlé
Marketing Director smart utilities
"IP over LPWAN provides the abstraction layer that was missing for application development in the IoT. 
Acklio's off-the-shelf solutions open up new markets for our enterprise solutions. We can now connect native IP devices over LPWAN by Objenious."
Philippe Cola
Senior core Network Architect
"As a major integrator, we are involved in long term contracts. That means we need to perform the service whatever is the LPWAN network used today and tomorrow. 
Thanks to the Acklio solutions, we bring the interoperability to unify the different networks we manage."
Nicolas Le Jean
Innovation & Business Development Manager
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Roll out smart electricity meters over LoRaWAN®

The new generation standard connectivity for flexible, secure and cost-efficient DLMS smart metering available off-the-shelf by Acklio

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