Acklio SCHC

makes your IoT

More secure
more secure
more efficient

True field-proven innovation with 90+ patents worldwide. Ready to use on 10+ communication modules / SaaS and On-premise. 

Less data traffic
Less energy consumed
up to
more devices per cell
Use case: LoRaWAN for utility

DLMS over LoRaWAN for smart metering

Standard-based solution

SCHC is the required adaptation layer for DLMS over LoRaWAN for water, gas and electricity metering.

Record-time integration to meters

Implementation respects the standard and application designs of your existing DLMS meters. 

Perfect fit for multi-connectivity

Scalable solution that may be deployed with LoRaWAN only or as a complement to other connectivities (NB-IoT, PLC, RF Mesh, ...)

Data compression rate
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Use case: Cellular IoT for utility

Solving connectivity issues in Cellular IoT

Efficient secure NB-IoT

Acklio SCHC enables  secure deployments on NB-IoT & LTE-M with +60% measured gains on live deployments.

Fix connectivity issues at scale

With SCHC, the radio is always used as efficiently as possible, which is particularly crucial for devices in suboptimal radio conditions.

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Use case: System Integrators

Protocol adaptation for LPWANs

IP-based protocols and more

Adapt proprietary or standard communication stacks for LPWAN without redesigning.

Record time-to-market

SCHC port communications over LPWAN with no redesigning of the stack. Record time to market and seamless integration.

Streamlined IoT toolchain

Built on top of SCHC, your services are ready for all LPWANs, with dynamic optimization. Allow for real multi-connectivity and network convergence.

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Exclusive services brought by Acklio SCHC

Acklio provides the reference implementation for SCHC standard, and offers original extra advanced services to ensure best-of-class deployments.


IPv6/IPv4 communication

Enabling Internet Protocol stacks in non-IP technologies such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT NIDD, Sigfox. 

"Energy saver"

SCHC compression reduces the amount of data transmitted. The result is devices that sleep longer and better-used network infrastructures.

Payload compression

Push the limits of LPWAN bandwidths to do more with less: DLMS, LwM2M, Modbus... are now accessible without compromising on standard protocols. 


Improve security: access your device through a virtual private network (VPN) on any LPWAN technology, based on IPv6/DTLS and the most efficient in the world with SCHC. 

Technology aggregator

Develop your device application on top of SCHC, Acklio's layer takes care of its optimization according to the underlying technology. Likewise on the Core network side, with IP-binding. 

Dynamic/static IP addressing

Simplify your device lifecycle management - each device can be identified by a static address. Dynamic address allocation by the cellular network remains transparent.

Public/private network support

Easily address your devices via the Internet, or in a private network like a classic IP device.

Dynamic DNS

Never lose track of your device, public/private DNS naming for devices ensures the success of your downlink messages. 


Our software is ready to run on your next project

Benefits in every case

Less traffic, less infra, and devices that run longer on battery power:

Use case:
Smart building

Your building monitored with CO2, space occupancy, and access control sensors. 

Scale: 200 Devices
Density: 40 devices / gateway
Traffic: 12 messages per hour
With Acklio SCHC:

Increased battery lifespan:

up to +50%

Net savings after 5 years:

From $1000 to $7500
Use case:
Medium-scale electricity metering

Smart electricity metering deployment over NB-IoT with DLMS/COSEM standard operations. 

Scale: 100 000 Devices
Density: 700 devices / gateway
Traffic: uplink every 30 min
With Acklio SCHC:

Net savings after 5 years:

From $130k to $480k
Use case:
Large-scale water/gas metering

Smart water and/or gas metering deployment over LoRaWAN with DLMS/COSEM standard operations. 

Scale: 100 000 Devices
Density: 700 devices / gateway
Traffic: uplink every 30 min
With Acklio SCHC:

Increased battery lifespan:

up to +68%

Net savings after 5 years:

From $1.6M to $5.3M
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