Seamless Integration

Protocol Adaptation

Convert wired services or densify a network of devices with LPWAN connectivity and still keep the original legacy applications and communication protocols. Acklio's solution adapts protocols with minimum engineering effort. Acklio's SCHC implementation offers a standard adaptation stack for accelerated time-to-market and reduced TCO.

Protocol adaptation for LPWANs

IP-based protocols and more

Adapt proprietary or standard communication stacks for LPWAN without redesigning.

Record time-to-market

SCHC port communications over LPWAN with no redesigning of the stack. Record time to market and seamless integration.

Streamlined IoT toolchain

Built on top of SCHC, your services are ready for all LPWANs, with dynamic optimization. Allow for real multi-connectivity and network convergence.

Limitless integration

Dynamically adapt standard or private application protocols

... to any IoT network!

We are pleased to cooperate with Acklio for IPv6 packet transmission based on B-CDMA technology. B-CDMA has been used in the form of a star topology for the MAC layer communication. Innovid has advanced this technology into mesh network technology. Through this collaboration, Innovid expects to expand its services to various IoT and IP based applications in the future.

Sangchoon Lee
Vice President at Innovid

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