Core innovation:


New generation header compression for LPWAN

(*) pronounced "chic"

The bridge between IoT and Internet technologies


Standard enabler of IPv6 over LPWANs, SCHC also brings CoAP, UDP, and most internet based protocols.


SCHC compresses the volume of data transmitted, resulting in a reduced time-over-air for devices and increased cell capacity.


SCHC makes accessible and highly effective the use of state-of-art Internet security protocols - DTLS.

IPv6 over LPWANs: why this is important

Seamless interoperability

Rapid development of services, independent of the underlying radio technology.

Simple, efficient, scalable

Record time integration with the customers’ operation network and application architectures.


SCHC transforms an LPWAN device into a natice IP devicen, easily addressable from business applications.

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SCHC 101

SCHC demystified

SCHC is a compression and fragmentation framework tailored for LPWAN.

It prevents the synchronization between elements communicating on the network. Synchronization is actually the operation that consumes the most bandwidth. In LPWAN networks, the nature of data flows is highly predictable. So, rather than saturating the bandwidth with this information, we found it smart to store these communication contexts both in the device and in the network management platform.

When the data is still too heavy to be transported under the given network conditions, SCHC incorporates a fragmentation. This splits the messages and manages their transmission in the network.

Compression : 80% of IoT frame structure is identical from a message to another. SCHC removes any redundant data.

Decompression: The frame sent contains the communication context and the key data to reconstruct the original message.

Global IETF Standard

Outcome of the LPWAN Working Group at IETF, SCHC has been published as an RFC in April 2020.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the international body that defines the standards that guarantee the interoperability and evolution of Internet networks since 1986, in particular with the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). The IETF is behind the success of the Internet, by building a scalable system capable of connecting billions of devices and remaining operational after 30+ years.


  • RFC 8724: SCHC generic framework
  • RFC 8824: SCHC for CoAP
  • RFC 9011: SCHC over LoRaWAN
  • (soon) SCHC over NB-IoT
  • (soon) SCHC over Sigfox
  • (soon) Data model for SCHC
  • (soon) SCHC over IEEE 802.15.4
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Technology Adoption

SCHC layer specified by Technology Alliances

SCHC is a compression and fragmentation framework tailored for LPWAN.

SCHC compression and fragmentation is a IETF standard by the LPWAN WG. The solution complies with RFCs 8724 and 9011.

IPv6 over LoRaWAN with SCHC is a prerequisite to DLMS over LoRaWAN as specified in the communication profile for LPWAN (Bluebook 14).

The LoRa Alliance leverages SCHC for IPv6 communication over LoRaWAN as specified in TS010-1.0.0.

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