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Do you want your work to have an impact, your opinion to count, your decisions to influence the way future telecoms operate, the way cities become more transparent, the industry more energy efficient, the agriculture cleaner, the power grid more secure?

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An inclusive workplace where ideas thrive

Are you looking to work in an international team at the front line of IoT with participation in open standard design with the major industries in the world?

Global Leader

Acklio pioneered a game-changing technology for the IoT. Strong vision and innovation put us at the market forefront

David and Goliath

We are small, yet we play in the big league. We partner and sale our innovations to international leaders in the industry.

Globish English

We are proud of our multicultural team, coming from across the globe. The language at Acklio is English with a Globish accent.

Influence the future of IoT

We are a contributing member and driving force at the IETF (LPWAN WG), LoRa Alliance & DLMS User Association.

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What job profiles are we  looking for?

Acklio is a deeptech company, with a strong technical component. Join us to build and sale robust, scalable solutions to power millions of devices.

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