World Premiere: Acklio and Objenious test IP-over-LoRaWAN integration

July 12, 2017

A technical response to the problems of integrating IoT into current information systems

Paris, 12 July 2017 – Objenious and Acklio teamed up to test Internet protocols into LoRaWAN®  networks.  Together we tested the integration with a real-life use case.

Internet Protocol to support the development of the IoT

The Internet protocols unify and provide interoperability between networks, applications and objects using well-known protocols. Internet protocols simplify the addressing and the integration of IoT solutions. By unifying networks, companies save time and reduce costs. Acklio’s solution enables the use of Internet protocols (e.g., IP, UDP, CoAP) over LPWA networks. Objenious offers the most extensive LoRaWAN® coverage in France.

With IP over LoRaWAN® Objenious and Acklio facilitate the development of new applications and boost the IoT market.

A first test phase with EDF

During summer, EDF R&D will test its charging service for electric vehicles in collective housing. A control on the charging boxes allows charging to start at the desired time. Each charging point has a measuring system allowing individual billing of consumption. Using IP-over-LPWAN and the Objenious LoRaWAN® network, one can use an Internet browser to manage the charging service.

The use of the IP stack over LoRaWAN® ensures:

  • Smooth integration with existing control systems
  • Simplified software development
  • Secure end-to-end communication between the car and the grid

About Objenious
The Internet of Things is a new industrial revolution initiated by all companies. To support them at every stage, Objenious, a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary, has chosen LoRa® technology, a world standard, and offers a network, an IoT platform and adapted services to meet different needs such as predictive maintenance, energy control, and logistics.

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About Acklio

Acklio provides Software for Secure, Seamless, Standard-based IoT.

Acklio, a leading-edge software company, brings a new dimension to the IoT Ecosystem through its unique Internet and Web approach. A spin-off from one of the top French Engineering Schools, based on 20 years of R&D in Telecoms, Internet, and IoT. Thanks to its exclusive Software for Core Networks and Devices, Acklio’s solutions enable fully secure interoperability between Devices, Applications, Connectivity and Technology while relying on standard IP protocols.

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