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With Acklio SCHC, Innovid implements standard IP stack on the Korean B-CDMA technology

Marianne Laurent

Binary-CDMA is an ISO standard wireless communication technology, selected as one of Korea's "National Core Technologies". Mainly used in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ISM bands, the technology is now extended to sub-GHz bands for the benefit of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and smart city use cases.

Innovid is a leading provider of B-CDMA technology, notably equipping KEPCO, the country's largest electricity company. It supplies a range of modems, metering systems and turnkey wireless solutions. Faced with the need to comply with international standards in AMI deployments, Innovid contacted Acklio's French team with this challenge in mind: to implement an IP-based environment over B-CDMA to ensure the interoperability of deployments and their interconnection with legacy IP environments. 

With a useful payload size constraint of a few hundred bytes, porting IP protocols to B-CDMA may sound like a headache. Well, that's actually what Acklio is all about. This young French company is at the origin of a compression and fragmentation mechanism (SCHC) allowing to port the CoAP/UDP/IPv6 stack on the constrained networks of the Internet of Things. Standardized by the IETF last April, SCHC was designed for the specificities of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), characteristic of their star topology. The partnership demonstrates the success of Acklio's SCHC solutions on a technology with similar constraints of LPWANs, but in mesh architecture. And above all, Innovid's B-CDMA implementations can now port LwM2M (and CoAP) over DTLS as well as ICMPv6. 

Sangchoon Lee, Vice president at Innovid:  “We are pleased to cooperate with Acklio for IPv6 packet transmission based on B-CDMA technology. B-CDMA has been used in the form of a star topology for the MAC layer communication. Innovid has advanced this technology into mesh network technology, and a new communication chip is also expected to be released early next year. Through this collaboration, Innovid expects to expand its services to various IoT and IP based applications in the future.” 

Alexander Pelov, CEO of Acklio: “We are thrilled with the successful collaboration with Innovid to bring the Internet Stack to the B-CDMA technology. Although initially designed for star-topology LPWAN networks, Acklio's SCHC solution confirms its relevance for an extended range of connectivity technologies with extreme bandwidth and throughput constraints. After LoRaWAN, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and Sigfox, B-CDMA completes the portfolio of network technologies supported by Acklio SCHC. This is an important step forward in Acklio's mission to bring the IP convergence and interoperability model to the IoT market.” 

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