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We are proud to join Shake’Up: Wavestone’s acceleration program

CES 2019, Acklio has won two  “Coup de cœur” prizes from the Fondation Mines-Télécom. One from ENGIE and the other one from Wavestone.

The latter allows Acklio to join Shake’up, the firm’s startup accelerator program by Wavestone. This support represents a real springboard to further accelerate the development of young growth. For Wavestone, the collaboration aims to further strengthen its knowledge of the startup ecosystem, foster innovation within the firm and create synergies for its clients.

Acklio, an innovative startup that is shaking up the IoT market!

Since its creation in 2016, Acklio has grown rapidly and is now one of the most promising companies of French Tech in the IoT sector.

Acklio is revolutionizing the Internet of Things with an innovative technology called SCHC (Static Context Header Compression) which ensures communication between IoT services and different types of networks (IP and LPWAN). Beyond a simple, fast and transparent integration of these networks, this technology guarantees end-to-end security of exchanges between connected objects and applications. On the way to becoming a world standard, Acklio’s technology marks a major step in the development of the sector.

With this status, the startup has won numerous innovation competitions, including the “Best Telco Innovation Award” at the Mobile World Congress in 2018, and more recently the BPI France Innovation Competition and the ITM “Coup de cœur” Prize at the CES in Las Vegas

At Acklio, we build solutions to support the development of IoT infrastructure networks over the long term. However, security is one of the key issues of this sustainability, issues that an isolated actor cannot solve alone. Wavestone represents a tremendous support to accelerate the market launch of our security offer, both through its extensive expertise in the field and its proximity to our target markets.”

Alexander Pelov, CEO and co-founder of Acklio.

Shake’Up: a development springboard for Acklio!

To further accelerate its development, Acklio has chosen to integrate Shake’up, Wavestone’s startup incubation program. The objective? Deploy Acklio’s solution in the smart city, industry, energy and transport sectors.

Thus, the firm’s support will include free hosting on their premises, expertise (from marketing to cybersecurity, including HR and sales assistance) and commercial acceleration through strategic contacts. The firm will assign a sponsor to the startup who will be in charge of leading the construction of an action plan for their clients.

If Wavestone was seduced by Acklio, it is because the startup offers a disruptive technology that today meets the challenges of the IoT sector. Thus, the strong technological dimension and the BtoB approach are so many aspects on which Shake’up wishes to rely to create synergies with its customers.

“Wavestone has been a key account partner for several years on IoT-related topics. Beyond the Proof of Concept, it is often difficult to transform the trial on a large scale. After meeting Acklio in 2018 at the Mobile World Congress and then in 2019 at the CES, we saw that Acklio had first-rate expertise in IoT networks. But above all, it is the technological paradigm provided by their solutions that has convinced us and appears to us to be an accelerator for the implementation of large-scale IoT projects."

Simon Radier. IT & Data Architecture Manager.

About ShakeUp by Wavestone

Launched in 2016, Shake’Up is a unique and tailor-made startup accelerator, initiated by Wavestone. The ambition of this program is to develop a vision of the startup ecosystem that creates value for its clients, startups, and employees. Shake’Up now brings together a community of 20 startups and 150 employees of the firm invested in their development.

Source: Wavestone, 14/02/2019

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