Looking back on 2017

January 2, 2018

World premieres, several PoCs, and new IoT open standard to come… let’s have a look at the major milestones Acklio achieved this year.

As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the year gone by.

Low Power, Wide-Area Networks remains the IoT market with the highest growth potential for infrastructure and telecom deployments. Industrial and operators are continuing to investigate the best way to deploy and cover territories and use-cases. In order to fulfill the forecasts and make the world of billions of LPWAN devices a reality, we need to address all questions that may still bring hesitation for long-term, big-scale deployments.

Accelerating the acceptance and the massive deployment of devices comes right after we have addressed all questions related to security, interoperability across devices and systems, simplicity of integration – with open, non-proprietary, standard-based approaches.

With its unique Internet and Web approach, Acklio brings IP into LPWAN and unlocks true potential of the IoT to accelerate, unify and secure the IoT market. Acklio’s team has achieved this promise with 2 world premieres and several PoCs to prove the interoperability of LPWAN with Internet.
Let’s take a look back at this crazy year and major milestones that we achieved while doubling the teams in 2017:

Q1 2017
Q2 2017
Q3 2017
Q4 2017

The adventure continues and is accelerating!
We already have more exciting news to come so watch out for more in 2018.
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