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Acklio’s LoRaWAN Network Server v3 is out!

Since its first public release in October 2018, Acklio has invested a lot in R&D on its LoRaWAN Network Server. Our purpose: offering an increasingly scalable, secure and easy to integrate solution. Acklio LNS allows you to configure, adapt and intuitively monitor your LoRaWAN network. Today, we are thrilled to offer a complete industrialized solution. Take a look at our new features!

Start, grow and scale

The LoRaWAN Network Server is the backbone of your IoT deployment. It guarantees an efficient and secured link between your IoT devices and your applications.

Acklio LNS v3 improved with exclusive key features:

  • Observatory. Operate your network through a unique interface with powerful reporting and performance analysis options.

  • Mass provisioning, for quick configuration and management of your IoT network. Easily import, connect and control thousands of devices from .csv files.

  • Tag, search and sort your network elements to provide a shared classification among devices and/or gateways.

  • Future-proof data model architecture. YOUPI is a library for parsing/encoding binary data from/to JSON-like format. This payload transformation tool will enrich your data collection, aggregation, and treatment.

Zero-effort integration with preloaded IoT Platforms

Performances, from 5 to Million devices

Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server offers strong quality of services guarantees.

  • Linear performance regarding your network scale
  • Optimized time to setup new instance
  • Up to 1000 packets/second handled.
    It corresponds to 1 Million devices at a rate of one packet per hour received by 3 gateways.

Impact for system integrators and private LoRaWAN operators

The Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server supports specific business and operations requirements:

  • From small to large scale deployment
    Pay as you grow and scale your architecture
    Grow and fit with your needs, from the proof of concept to full-scale projects
  • Native integration with Acklio IP Core
    Extend your network capabilities with multi-connectivity
    Device, data, network-agnostic connectivity management
  • Intuitive and robust
    Connect and authenticate hundreds of devices in few clicks
    Customization and ready to handle a high volume of data
  • Integrator-oriented architecture
    Everything you need for effortless integration with your IT
    Real-time 360° view of network, gateways and devices behavior

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