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Acklio among the 7 best Industry 4.0 solutions of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

This year, the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge set a new record of 4,500 applications from 119 countries. Acklio has distinguished itself by its vision and unique technology, SCHC*, until the final stage of this Deeptech innovation competition.

On March 15th, our CEO Alexander Pelov had the opportunity to pitch Acklio’s vision and solution to an audience of 400 industry experts and investors in Paris.  

Congratulations to the winner of this Industry 4.0 track, Echoring, who provides a wireless alternative for Ethernet-Based industrial communications.

The Industry 4.0’s  jury was composed of:

This journey was a new validation of the industrial need of our solution and a global proof that we have the right conditions to create large scale impact.

*SCHC is a compression-decompression technology that reduces the size of the Internet Protocol enough to implement it and the associated security protocols over network elements used for IoT deployment, thus enhancing their protection. Learn more about it:


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