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Acklio demonstrates SCHC as a universal protocol adaptation over LoRaWAN®

Acklio is taking the opportunity of the LoRa Alliance™ All Members Meeting in Berlin this week to increase its level of contribution to the alliance. It thus became one of the 58 "contributor members" with a strong objective: to support and accelerate the standardization of SCHC over LoRaWAN® at the LoRa Alliance™, in line with its commitment in the IETF standardization.
SCHC stands for “Static Context Header Compression”. Currently being standardized by the IETF, SCHC is a compression and fragmentation mechanism that enables to reduce CoAP/IPv6 headers to just a few bytes. To some extent, the technology stands as a universal adaptation layer between IPv6 and LPWAN technologies. Learn more

As a pioneer and main contributor to this technology, Acklio offers the first industrial implementation of SCHC. This technology offers many benefits to IoT players, including facilitating the integration of IoT solutions, securing deployments and extending the capabilities of LPWAN technologies to other communication protocols. It is on the latter that Acklio is now focussing its engagement within the LoRa Alliance™.

LwM2M 1.0 over SCHC demonstration by Acklio

June 13th: Acklio showcased a demonstration of SCHC technology as an adaptation layer to use LwM2M 1.0 over LoRaWAN® with no adjustment to the original transportation protocol. It is the first LwM2M demonstration that works today on LoRaWAN® across all continents and frequency regulations.

OMA Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) is a device management protocol for IoT and M2M. Device management is a key function required for operating large-scale network deployments with high heterogeneity.

Acklio demonstrates the operation of a heterogeneous IoT network deployment, which consists of several network technologies over varying radio conditions. Both WiFi and LoRaWAN® devices share the same genuine LwM2M 1.0 stack.

LwM2M 1.0 over SCHC over LoRaWAN® demonstration by Acklio at LoRa Alliance™ All Members meeting, Berlin, June 13th, 2019.

The demonstration confirms how the SCHC implementation of Acklio enables:

  • The use of a classic LwM2M server with no trade-off on the original protocol capabilities.
  • The dynamic optimal adaptation of the message size to radio transmission conditions.
  • The interoperable communication of LoRaWAN® devices with any LwM2M server.
  • The compression of CoAP exchanges allowing standard IPSO device registration.
  • The efficient acknowledgment thanks to the SCHC “Ack-on-Error”

Bring any protocol over LoRaWAN® thanks to the Acklio SCHC software suite

This LwM2M demonstration is an example of the use of SCHC as a protocol adaptation layer. It was carried out in just a few days by our R&D team and will support the future evolutions of both the LwM2M protocol and the LoRaWAN® specifications without no major implementation effort.

Thanks to SCHC, Acklio enables the porting of existing protocols and services to LoRaWAN® and other technologies to that IoT players can focus on bringing value to the customers by drastically reduces the time-to-market.

Prototype in days, industrialize in weeks with acklio

Do you run an IoT project that integrates standard protocols such as LWM2M, Modbus, DLMS, or proprietary protocols specific to your industry? Contact us so that we discuss how Acklio may help you.

For more info on the demo, you may attend the demo report at the LPWAN.19 conference in Paris, on June 18th.

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