LoRaWAN® is now available as a low-power and cost-efficient connectivity option to roll out smart electricity meters. Acklio SCHC header compression and fragmentation enables the DLMS/COSEM over LoRaWAN without specific adaptation to the protocol. This stack leveraging SCHC is now promoted as the best practice by both the LoRa Alliance and the DLMS user association. 

Acklio provides the reference toolbox for both device and connectivity providers:

Smart meter manufacturers
& module makers

Acklio SCHC SDK and reference design including DLMS over LoRaWAN® SCHC profile. The firmware can run either directly on the communication module or as a middleware on the device. 

LoRaWAN® private or public operator

The provider's LoRaWAN network server is connected to the Acklio IP core. The solution is proposed in the cloud or on-premise and communicates in native DLMS/COSEM with the application server. 


A Solution for Successful Interoperability with DLMS/COSEM and LoRaWAN®

The whitepaper presents the results of the liaison between the LoRa Alliance and the DLMS user association to promote a standardized stack to roll out DLMS smart meters over LoRaWAN® connectivity. 

Applications of DLMS over LoRaWAN®

Webinar held on June 2nd, 2020
- Liaison between LoRa Alliance and DLMS User Association: outcomes, new profile and challenges overcome
- Role of SCHC adaptation layer and how it works
- Case Study

Already ready for the following LoRaWAN® network management solutions:

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