Developer Program: DLMS over LoRaWAN

Kick-start your DLMS over LoRaWAN® solution with Acklio SCHC:
the new SCHC Developer Program includes the complete documentation, SCHC embedded library and Acklio Cloud platform to test, prototype and showcase your DLMS solutions for LoRaWAN. 

Retrofit DLMS devices for LoRaWAN®

Easily develop rich, efficient and secure solutions over LoRaWAN® in an IP environment. The SCHC compression and fragmentation standard for LPWAN (RFC 8724, RFC 9011, RFC 8824) is now available off-the-shelf for LoRaWAN.

As specified in the DLMS communication profile for LPWAN, the SCHC compression encodes the 48 bytes of IPv6/UDP headers and the 8-byte DLMS wrapper within a rule ID of 1 to 3 bytes, representing a header-compression ratio of 90%.
The profile also implements the SCHC fragmentation that dynamically adapts packet size up to the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU, from 51 to 242 bytes in LoRaWAN). Thus, SCHC ensures operations in all data rate conditions, and guarantees to take advantage of the connectivity’s full capacity.

Acklio takes SCHC optimization two steps further, also applying compression to DLMS/COSEM payload (downlink HES queries and uplink metering data). In this case, Acklio SCHC achieves 75% compression rate on the whole IPv6/UDP/DLMS packet.

Everything you need to start with DLMS over LoRaWAN

Acklio SCHC Library

Delivered with configurable compression profile, enabling straightforward adjustment to local communications, regulatory and project requirements

Acklio Cloud Platform

A community edition of Acklio SCHC IP Core delivered with 3 connectors (Actility, Chirpstack, The Things network)

Open Source Examples

Easy onboarding with documented step-by-step configuration to inspire bespoke integrations.
Reference designs for growing number of target environments

  • Genuine DLMS/COSEM application environment maintained on both meters and HES: the SCHC compression allows a seamless use of LoRaWAN, carrying the full range of metering information. 
  • Fully compliant with standards: IETF standards RFC 8724 (SCHC), RFC 9011 (SCHC over LoRaWAN), LoRaWAN standard specifications, and DLMS UA communication profile for LPWAN (Bluebook 14).
  • Support from Acklio available on demand for new design requirements. 

Provided DLMS application example:

See other UDP/IP available demo examples here
The demo comes with a device application (the DLMS server) simulating the DLMS meter and a DLMS client simulating the Head-End System (HES).

The example setup illustrates the exchange of DLMS/UDP/IPv6 frames between HES and DLMS meter on a LoRaWAN link thanks to Acklio SCHC implementation. By compressing IPv6, UDP and DLMS wrapper headers, SCHC allows an economy of 56 bytes per message. And SCHC fragmentation  is applied in an "ack-on-error mode" when the compressed messages exceed Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU).

Included in developer program

Full documentation

DLMS Gurux server & client

SCHC Library and preconfigured compression profiles

Example Tunnel application

Connectors to LoRaWAN Network Servers: Actility ThingPark, Chirpstack, The Things Stack (more coming soon)

Recommended targets
We provide reference designs for:

B-L072Z-LRWAN1 board

Semtech LR1110DVK1TBKS development kit

STM32L476RG-Nucleo board with sx1261 extension shield

For individual developers

Community edition

Learn, test, prototype and showcase IPv6 over LoRaWAN solutions with ready to use reference designs and demo applications. 


Contact us for the Enterprise Edition

What’s included
  • 1 developer seat
  • Up to 50 devices
  • Shared cloud instance
  • 3 LNS connectors
  • 1 single IP network

Pre-integrated on LoRa BasicsModem

Acklio’s SCHC library, optimized and integrated with the LoRa Basics™ Modem. 
Start small, grow big. Acklio SCHC implementation follows you at every stage of your project: from prototyping to deployment, our environment is built to scale your project deployment needs (SaaS or on premises).

NEW Whitepaper

Roll out smart electricity meters over LoRaWAN®

The new generation standard connectivity for flexible, secure and cost-efficient DLMS smart metering available off-the-shelf by Acklio