Developer Program: SCHC for DLMS

Kick-start your DLMS over LoRaWAN® solution with Acklio SCHC

Retrofit DLMS devices for LoRaWAN®

Easily develop rich, efficient and secure solutions over LoRaWAN® in an IP environment. The SCHC compression and fragmentation standard for LPWAN (RFC 8724, RFC 9011, RFC 8824) is now available off-the-shelf for LoRaWAN.

First use case: DLMS over LoRaWAN®


  • Delivered with a configurable compression profile, enabling straightforward adjustment to local communications, regulatory and project requirements.
  • Maintain the genuine DLMS/COSEM application environment on both meters and HES: the SCHC compression allows a seamless use of LoRaWAN, carrying the full range of metering information. 
  • Fully compliant with standards: IETF standards RFC 8724 (SCHC), RFC 9011 (SCHC over LoRaWAN), LoRaWAN standard specifications, and DLMS UA communication profile for LPWAN (Bluebook 14).
  • Fully documented, including demo applications to ease onboarding and inspire bespoke integration.
  • Support from Acklio available for new design requirements. 
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Roll out smart electricity meters over LoRaWAN®

The new generation standard connectivity for flexible, secure and cost-efficient DLMS smart metering available off-the-shelf by Acklio

Pre-integrated on LoRa BasicsModem

Acklio’s SCHC library, optimized and integrated with the LoRa Basics™ Modem. 
Start small, grow big. Acklio SCHC implementation follows you at every stage of your project: from prototyping to deployment, our environment is built to scale your project deployment needs (SaaS or on premises).

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