Developer Program: SCHC for Cellular IoT

(NB-IoT and LTE-M, public mobile and 450MHz)

Learn, test, prototype and showcase energy efficient & secure cellular IoT with Acklio SCHC: the new SCHC Developer Program includes the complete documentation, SCHC embedded library and Acklio Cloud platform you need. 

Cellular IoT with SCHC

Easily develop rich, efficient and secure solutions over LoRaWAN® in an IP environment. The SCHC compression and fragmentation standard for LPWAN (RFC 8724, RFC 9011, RFC 8824) is now available off-the-shelf for LoRaWAN.

E2E connectivity

Ensure end-to-end interoperable & secure communication

Energy Efficient

Exploit ultra-low power mode in cellular

Cost Effective

Reduce operation cost by reducing traffic

Everything you need to start with SCHC for Cellular IoT

Exclusive access to:
Acklio SCHC Library

Delivered with configurable compression profile, enabling straightforward adjustment to local communications, regulatory and project requirements

Acklio Cloud Platform

A community edition of Acklio SCHC IP Core delivered with connector to IP networks.

Open Source Examples

Easy onboarding with documented step-by-step configuration to inspire bespoke integrations. Reference designs for growing number of target environments

  • Fully compliant with standards: IETF standards RFC 8724 (SCHC), and DLMS UA communication profile for LPWAN (Blue Book Ed.14).
  • Support from Acklio available on demand for new design requirements. 
“Once deployed at large scale, SCHC will unlock a technical barrier that has threatened to stall Internet of Things (IoT) traction by directly addressing the inherent limited throughput and capacity of NB-IoT and lack of Internet Protocol (IP) interoperability of some LPWANs.”
Lorenzo Amicucci
Business Development Manager
“LPWA networks enable many processes and things to be measured in a smarter and battery-efficient way. The various solutions that can be built on them are innumerable and even latent. But sometimes the LPWA network by itself is not enough. In cases like that, NIDD can provide the solution by reducing both data and battery consumption.”
Lorenzo Amicucci
Business Development Manager

Open source demo applications provided:

The use case illustrates an end-to-end communication from a DLMS metering device to a DLMS Head-End System (HES) where the combination IP/UDP/DTLS creates a kind of IoT VPN where data exchange is safe, even if it passes through a public network.

A DTLS server is placed before Acklio IP Core as a security handler that encrypts and decrypts data during uplink and downlink transmissions. And a DTLS layer is incorporated into Acklio FullSDK to manage security for the device.

At both ends of the communication, an IP tunnel (IP/tun controller) is required to establish a network communication channel between IP and the other protocols and create a Linux interface on the computer.

Acklio FullSDK is embedded into the AT Modem application, actually a Serial LTE Modem (SLM).

We provide reference designs for:
For individual developers

Community edition

Learn, test, prototype and showcase IPv6 over LoRaWAN & Cellular IoT solutions with ready to use reference designs and demo applications. 


Contact us for the Enterprise Edition

What’s included
  • 1 developer seat
  • Up to 50 devices
  • Shared cloud instance
  • 3 connectors (LNS or NB-IoT/LTE-M)
  • 3 LNS connectors for LoRaWAN
  • 1 single IP network

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SCHC, the new IETF standard for LPWAN (RFC 8724, 9011, 8824)

The compression technology used to transport the TCP/IP stack over LPWAN networks is the new IETF standard: Static Context Header Compression, SCHC (pronounced “chic”).
Our team pioneered the technology and is still strongly committed to the standardization process. The Acklio software suite is the first to integrate this technology for industrial deployments.
Learn more about SCHC