Meet the team

At Acklio we are proud of the team we’ve built in such a short period of time. We come from all over the world and represent no less than 3 continents and 7 nationalities. What brings us together? A fine expertise in networks and computers, but also a common culture of sharing, openness and the search for smart and meaningful solutions.

The initiators

Alexander Pelov


CEO of Acklio, Alexander is also co-chair of the LPWAN working group within the IETF standardization body and a member of the IETF IoT Directorate.
Alexander obtained his thesis in Computer Science in 2009 from the University of Strasbourg. He was then a lecturer at Télécom Bretagne until 2016. His work focused on the energy efficiency in wireless networks and the use of Smart Grids in smart meters and electric vehicles. Alexander is the co-author of more than 30 scientific paper in international conferences and journals with selection committees.

Laurent Toutain


Co-founder and scientific advisor of Acklio, Laurent is also an Associate Professor at IMT Atlantique graduate engineering school. He worked for several years on IPv6 and participated in the creation of the G6 group, which has been gathering researchers and industrialists around IPv6 since 1995.
His current research focuses on protocols and architectures specific to IoT’s needs. From 2011 to 2015, he managed the Smart Grid competence center shared by Télécom Bretagne, Texas Instruments and ITRON. He is the author of several books on networks.

Team members

Pascal Bodin
R&D Engineer, Embedded
Aydogan Ersoz
R&D Engineer
Bich-Thuy Gueno
Office Manager
Arunprabhu Kandasamy
R&D Engineer, IP Core Lead
Tanguy Kerdoncuff
Software Engineer, LNS
Marianne Laurent
Julien Lecoeuvre
VP of Engineering
Elisabeth Lopez
HR Manager
Ana Minaburo
Intellectual Property
Flavien Moullec
Software Engineer, LNS
Maxence Moutoussamy
Software Developer
Quy Nguyen Hoang
R&D Engineer
Ivaylo Petrov
Lead Architect

Advisory Board

Laurent Lafarge
CEO of Anevia
Hugues Meili
Chairman & CEO of Niji
Hassan Triqui
CEO of Secure-IC
Jean-Luc Vaillant
Co-founder of LinkedIn