Hello. My name is IP.

I run the Internet.
Join me and Acklio to make the world of billions LPWA devices a reality.

I believe in the power of openness.

Of ecosystems.
Of interconnection.
Of cooperation.
Of standards.

I unify all communications in the world.

I help any application to talk to any device through any network without any of them having to worry about the details.
I’ve got them all figured out. And I believe each LPWA technology has its perfect fit.

I always keep my support and ensure everyone is safe.

If an application, a system, a network or a device was designed to be compatible with me, it will be functional for decades to come. I provide extensible protection mechanisms, which enable the highest level of security if used correctly.
Acklio shows how my mechanisms can be used to integrate transparently LPWA networks, devices and applications into existing Information Systems while keeping the security as a top priority.

My name is IP.

But I am also UDP. And CoAP. And so much more. We are a whole family. And we don’t like reinventing things. We make sure we work together well. And most of all – that we are pragmatic and practical. There is nothing superficial in us. Each and every one of us must be tested and must show our usefulness before we are accepted to the family.
Acklio brings the LPWA world my whole family, together with our hardworking culture and pragmatism.

Find us in the borough if you’re thorough

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Acklio's values

Human First

Nurturing personal development through training, mutual respect, sharing, and support.


We are open to give and receive from the world.


We all have a role to play on board to stay in the course


Exploration and learning are part of our identity.


Challenge yourself to find the best solution.