Hello. My name is IP. 

I run the Internet. 

Join me and Acklio to make the world of billions LPWA devices a reality.

I believe in the power of openness.

Of ecosystems.

Of interconnection.

Of cooperation.

Of standards.

Acklio helps me bring this power to LPWA networks, devices and applications.



LPWA is a new family of radio technologies and networks. Low-Power: things can save energy and be autonomous for 10+ years, Wide-Area: a single antenna can cover several kilometers and can support tens of thousands of devices. A breaktrough achievement is in the principle of making Low-Power devices a first-order citizens and profit from extreme simplification of the infrastructure. LPWA is an enabler for Internet of Things by reducing the transmission costs, both in licensed and license-free spectrum (ISM). Read more here.

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I unify all communications in the world. 

I help any application to talk to any device through any network without any of them having to worry about the details. I've got them all figured out.

And I believe each LPWA technology has its perfect fit. 

Acklio helps me ensure they are all in my reach. Soon I will be able to speak natively the language of LoRa, SIGFOX, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, EC-GSM and WI-SUN. Learn more here.

Bringing IP to LPWAN

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. (Read the full mission statement here: RFC3935)

The work of bringing the IP stack to a given technology and ensuring that it integrates perfectly to the Internet ecosystem is far from trivial. IP lies at the heart of our digital society and concerns directly the way software and hardware behave, the way applications, devices, networks, tools, developers, system administrators, integrators, and everyone willing to communicate interact. It requires significant efforts from hundreds of experts to make sure it all works together at the end.

Acklio is an active member of the IETF standardization process for IP for LPWAN. The IETF standardization process is the one behind the success of the Internet - and the only one which has proven to build a scalable system capable of connecting billions of devices and remaining operational after 30+ years.

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I always keep my support and ensure everyone is safe.

If an application, a system, a network or a device was designed to be compatible with me, it will be functional for decades to come. I provide extensible protection mechanisms, which enable the highest level of security if used correctly.

Acklio shows how my mechanisms can be used to integrate transparently LPWA networks, devices and applications into existing Information Systems, while keeping the security as a top priority.

Secure LPWA Networks that will still be there in 20 years

The Internet of Things in general and LPWA in particular provide a formidable challenge coming from the volume, the velocity and the variety of devices that will be deployed in the next decade. Comparable to the challenges we meet today with Big Data, there is an additional crucial component - the devices and networks should integrate perfectly in the existing systems and they should work for the next 5, 10, 20 years. In addition, there should be easily available, evolvable mechanisms to secure their communications.

There has been only one system proven to function over the span of several decades still under operation today, which has some of the best security protection mechanisms already integrated - the Internet.

My name is IP.

But I am also UDP. And CoAP. And much much more.

We are a whole family. And we don't like reinventing things. We make sure we work together well. And most of all - that we are pragmatic and practical. There is nothing superficial in us. Each and every one of us must be tested and must show our usefulness before we are accepted to the family. 

Acklio brings the LPWA world my whole family, together with our hardworking culture and pragmatism.

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