Universal LPWAN device

Develop or adapt your application to any LPWAN technology (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LET Cat-M, Wi-Sun, ...). Built on top of our SCHC SDK, it remains compatible with the different underlying connectivity. 
Acklio provides the reference toolbox for device makers and operators:

Acklio SCHC firmware is delivered with the SCHC profile(s) for the target protocol(s) and LPWAN connectivities. This library can be implemented either as a middleware on the device, on the  communication module or on an external dongle.

Acklio IP Core

The LPWAN network server is connected to the Acklio IP core. The solution is proposed in the cloud or on-premise and exposes varied APIs and connectors for easy integration to your IoT platform or application server.

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Towards an IoT with no compromise thanks to the Internet Protocols

Why and how implement SCHC in your IoT project today. You’ll learn about the new IETF compression standard practices in IoT and future-proof convergence over IP.
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