SCHC Starter Kit

Order SCHC starter kit and enable IP-based protocols on your IoT solutions.
Today available for LoRaWAN. Soon supporting Sigfox. 

The demo application runs out-of-the-box for compressed and fragmented bidirectional communications from the device to the client application. Build your use case on SCHC - it will then be ready to be ported to other layer 2 technologies.


Experience IP over LPWAN

SCHC is a header compression and fragmentation mechanism tailored to LPWAN. As a new IETF standard, SCHC technology is gradually being specified as the preferred adaptation layer to run IP-based protocols on LPWAN.

and activate new use cases:

Radio-technology agnostic device apps

Dual connectivity devices

DLMS smart meters for LoRaWAN®

IoT Network convergence


Towards an IoT with no compromise thanks to the Internet Protocols

Why and how implement SCHC in your IoT project today. You’ll learn about the new IETF compression standard practices in IoT security and future-proof convergence over IP.

What you'll get in the kit?


LoRaWAN Module

Modules operating on ISM 868 Mhz unlicensed band by Nemeus, flashed with Acklio's SCHC SDK. 
Device development with AT Commands.

Nemeus Data Sheet

Module USB Key

Evaluation kit of the LoRaWAN module flashed with Acklio's SCHC firmware. It allows you to test the solution without welding. 

Nemeus Data Sheet

Raspberry Pi 4

Plug the module to your development card and get the perfect tool box to design your application and prototype your end-to-end IoT solution.

Raspberry Pi Data Sheet

Indoor Gateway

The LoRa Gateway comes pre-provisioned in network management software to support the demo application out-of-the-box.

Multitech Data Sheet


The kit comes with a demo application that runs bidirectional IPv6 / IPv4 communication between the devices and the client. The delivery includes the software to be installed on the device and the client station. 

Network processing and configuration is run in the cloud. The gateway as well as the modules are pre-provisioned for the demo application to run out-of-the-box. You get access to the IP Core for simple configuration of the devices. 

Please note that a full access to advanced LoRaWAN® network Server and IP Core features are available upon request as a "full developer kit". Also, all the components of Acklio's solution are available upon request to take your project further: 
- SCHC profiles for protocol adaptation: DLMS, LwM2M, Modbus, etc.
- LoRaWAN® Multi provider support: Orbiwise, Senet, Activility, Objenious, etc.
- Multi-regional support,
- and more!

Documentation & Support

The kit is fully documented in English. 
Support is handled through Acklio's service desk to help you along your project. 

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SCHC starter kit is brought to you in partnership with Nemeus. With more than 15 years of experience in HW/RF and embedded software, Nemeus is specialized in the design and manufacturing of radio devices incorporating sensors IoT.

Nemeus core technology is a cutting edge bi-mode LoRa-SigFox RF solution for European, US/Canada and Japan areas. This solution can be provided as a module, a designed solution, or integrated by NEMEUS into a complete IoT device.