Remote network equipment management

Activate a LoRaWAN® backup link for IP Devices

Network administrators regularly have to check on their network devices, to fix problems, perform regular software updates or review configuration. Out-of-band management solutions are deployed through classical wireless or wired connection. How to ensure connectivity even when the equipment is inaccessible through the operating network?
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Reduce downtime to secure a high network availability and better SLA.
  • Drastically reduce the number of on-site trips of your operating teams by ensuring a maximum of remote troubleshooting via backup link.
Our solution:
Backup Connectivity Kit

Out-of-the-box LoRaWAN® redundancy link.

Setup and manage dual connectivity. Acklio LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit allows secured SSH communications over LPWAN with remote routers and switches. It addresses the worst-case outage scenarios by offering an innovative redundancy solution for the network administrator to connect, diagnose and fix problems remotely. After one year of R&D, the v2 offers significant performances with compression efficiency, low latency and remote operation management.

  • Stay connected, ensures business continuity and reduce time to diagnose and restore.
  • Integrator-oriented architecture with advanced network problem resolution tools.
  • Network reliability, LoRaWAN® has a better signal penetration in remote areas or underground areas.
  • Safe and secure connections, control authorization and access to your equipment with encrypted SSH communication (AES128).
  • Specific driver on-demand, the currently available driver is optimized for installation on devices equipped with the IOx application environment.

How it works

To connect the IP equipment via LoRaWAN®, a dongle ensures the compression/decompression of IP messages to send them over the radio link.

The Acklio IP Core and a LwM2M server ensure a full end-to-end SSH communication between the IP equipment and the application. This way, you will be able to prevent downtime by reading the status of your remote equipment, restoring backup, rebooting or launching scripts recovery.

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Success Story
Acklio and Cisco Demonstrate IPv6 Operation Over LoRaWAN®
As the global leader in IP networking, Cisco is delighted to have developed alongside Acklio a turnkey backup connectivity kit which offers IPv6 reachability across LPWAN in case of a major primary network outage. By integrating LPWAN and IP, this solution provides value to our customers with critical infrastructure in remote locations today, while setting the stage for additional solutions that combine the power of IP networking with the unique capabilities of LPWAN tomorrow
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