Protocol adaptation

Bring any protocols over LPWAN thanks to the Acklio SCHC software suite

Due to the severe bandwidth restrictions, until recently, LPWANs were not able to carry the greedy IP stack and services of the classical Internet. Established and proven protocols were not compatible with the emergents IoT networks such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M.
  • Heterogeneous IoT network deployment, which consists of several network technologies over varying radio conditions.
  • Adapt or extend your current protocols applications to energy-efficient connectivities
  • Avoid the custom developments constrained by the LPWAN niche technologies
  • Accelerate the deployment of new IoT devices and services on a large scale.
Our solution:
SCHC protocol adaptation

Bring any protocol over LoRaWAN® thanks to the Acklio SCHC software suite

Thanks to SCHC, Acklio enables the porting of existing protocols and services to LoRaWAN® and other technologies. IoT players can focus on bringing value to the customers by drastically reduces the TCO, time-to-market. Thanks to Acklio SCHC-based protocol adaptation solution, most IoT use cases can be operated on LPWANs. Acklio brings strong value to adapt efficiently applications protocols such as DLMS and Wireless MBus over LoRaWAN® for smart metering, LWM2M over LoRaWAN® for device management, or other proprietary protocols.

  • No trade-off on the original protocol capabilities (DLMS, LwM2M, Mbus...)
  • Dynamic optimal adaptation of the message size to radio transmission conditions
  • Interoperable communication of IoT devices with any application protocols
  • Minimal engineering impact with light and portable implementation
  • Efficient SCHC implementation with optimized acknowledgment mode
How it works

Acklio is at the origin of SCHC. A technology for compressing and fragmenting messages exchanged on LPWAN networks to ensure full compatibility of these messages with Internet protocols. It allows the interoperability of the devices to the different LPWAN networks, and more broadly to the applications, and protocols already deployed on the Internet. This is a plug-and-play solution for rapid commissioning.

Thanks to SCHC-based protocol adaptation, most IoT use cases can be operated on LPWAN (LoRaWAN®, Sigfox, NB-IoT...). You can rapidly extend your current solution to new market with no trade-off or adjusting of the original standard protocols.

Success Story
LWM2M 1.0 over SCHC demonstration by Acklio
Acklio showcased a demonstration of SCHC technology as an adaptation layer to use LwM2M 1.0 over LoRaWAN®. With no adjustment to the original protocol, it is the first LWM2M demonstration that works today on LoRaWAN® across all continents and frequency regulations.
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