End-to-end security

Empowering your IoT devices

Connectivity, compatibility, and security are the three major challenges that IoT is facing. The underlying technologies and existing communication models defy the IoT expansion. As system integrators, IoT developers and devices manufacturers, you want to minimize the complexity of building innovative, secure and interoperable IoT solutions.

• Produce energy efficient devices with the flexibility of the IP stack.
• Preserve memory and processing demand of your LPWAN devices.
• Increase your market share by providing native compatibility with IP systems.

Our solution:
Acklio Device SDK

Empowering your IoT devices

The Acklio Device SDK allows you to handle consistent security practices. Let's build innovative IoT products and solutions on your choice of hardware platforms. It’s a dedicated solution for devices and module manufacturers, software developers to design, implement and deploy connected services over any IoT technologies in a secure environment.

  • Security-oriented implementation: authentications control, secure elements to protect the root of trust in your devices.
  • Portability: Use an ultra-compressed standardized stack (e.g. IP, UDP, CoAP) including end-to-end security
  • Intuitive integration: Use the same API for all the technology environment
  • Fast development: Intuitively generate and use SCHC rules independently of the LPWAN underlying technology.
How it works

Acklio device SDK allows you to easily design and implement connected applications on your devices for any LPWAN technologies (LoRaWAN®, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cat-M1, WI-Sun…). It includes libraries to easily connect and control bi-directional flows of interoperable data.

Use trusted solution on the IoT environment. Acklio IP SDK enables strong open standards protocols optimized for IoT such as CoAP, MQTT, DTLS, UDP, SCHC… They are specifically designed to preserve the energy efficiency and to optimize compute and memory capabilities of any IoT devices.  

It transforms LPWAN devices into native IP devices, easily addressable for business applications. It opens up the opportunity to build easily secured and connected services for asset tracking, smart cities, utilities, energy metering...

Success Story
Objenious, EDF and Acklio teamed up to test Internet protocols into LoRaWAN® networks. Together we tested the integration with a real-life use case to enable secured end-to-end communication, from the device all the way up to the application.
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