Acklio LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit:

Activate a LPWAN backup link for IP Devices

Acklio LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit allows secured SSH communications over LPWAN with network routers and switches. It addresses the worst-case outage scenarios by offering a redundancy solution for network administrator to connect, diagnose and fix problems remotely.

Out-of-the-box LPWAN redundancy link

Acklio LPWAN backup connectivity kit allows set up an additional “virtual wire” to your Cisco IOx network devices. It works out-of-the-box and provides full end-to-end security to routers and switches. Plus, contrary to 3G/4G mobile networks, LPWAN allow deploying dedicated private networks on industrial sites, smart grid areas or data centers without license requirements.
To connect the IP equipment via LoRaWAN®, a dongle ensures the compression/decompression of IP messages to send them over the radio link. These messages are interpreted by the Acklio LPWAN IP Core before being transmitted to your third-party applications. We ensure a full end-to-end SSH communication between the IP equipment and the application.
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"As the global leader in IP networking, Cisco is delighted to have developed alongside Acklio a turnkey backup connectivity kit which offers IPv6 reachability across LPWAN in case of a major primary network outage.
By integrating LPWAN and IP, this solution provides value to our customers with critical infrastructure in remote locations today, while setting the stage for additional solutions that combine the power of IP networking with the unique capabilities of LPWAN tomorrow.”
W. Mark Townsley
Cisco Fellow

SCHC, the new IETF standard for LPWAN (RFC 8724, 9011, 8824)

The compression technology used to transport the TCP/IP stack over LPWAN networks is the new IETF standard: Static Context Header Compression, SCHC (pronounced “chic”).
Our team pioneered the technology and is still strongly committed to the standardization process. The Acklio software suite is the first to integrate this technology for industrial deployments.
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