Efficient IP services on LPWAN devices

Acklio SCHC Library

Acklio brings the best-in-class features to port efficient IP services to an LPWAN connected IoT device: retrofit IP-based services, densify legacy M2M network with new LPWAN devices, or simply reduce the volume of traffic exchanged over the LPWAN network.

Best in class IoT Devices

Protocol adaptation via IP

Acklio's SCHC library allows to port IP-based services (ex. DLMS, LwM2M, Modbus) with minimum engineering effort. Acklio's SCHC implementation offers a standard adaptation layer for accelerated time-to-market and reduced TCO.

Unrivaled Energy Efficiency

Compressing a bit requires 500 times less energy than transmitting it! SCHC compression drastically reduces the volume of traffic transported over networks, which translates in improved energy efficiency for the device, and higher network capacity. 

Universal device development

Develop or adapt your device application to any LPWAN technology (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE Cat-M, satellite, etc. ). Built on top of our Acklio SCHC library, it remains compatible with the different underlying connectivities.

Acklio, the worldwide reference SCHC implementation

Pioneer and international leader of the SCHC compression and fragmentation (RFC 8724), Acklio's software allows best-in-class IoT deployments. By drastically reducing the volume of traffic transported over networks, it reconciles: efficient IP services over LPWAN, state-of-the-art end-to-end security, and extreme energy-energy efficiency.
End-to-end implementation requires 2 software components provided by Acklio: a SCHC library embedded in the device and an IP Core platform.
Acklio SCHC library

Empowering your IoT devices. The Acklio SDK device enriches the most constrained end devices with the ability to use the TCP/IP stack. This allows real end-to-end communication over IP between the device and the application.

Acklio IP Core

Acklio’s IP network core allows seamless integration of LPWANs within the IP sphere. In addition to the mirroring compression/fragmentation applications operated with the SCHC library, it allows IP-binding in standalone deployment.

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SCHC, the new IETF standard for IoT (RFC 8724)

The compression technology used to transport the TCP/IP stack over LPWAN networks is the new IETF standard: Static Context Header Compression, SCHC (pronounced “chic”).
Our team pioneered the technology and is still strongly committed to the standardization process. The Acklio software suite is the first to integrate this technology for industrial deployments.
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Exclusive Acklio SCHC library  features

A lightweight, versatile yet robust software library for flexible integration.
Extended SCHC support

Full compliance with standards RFC 8724, 9011 and 8824, LoRa Alliance TS010, DLMS UA). 

IP/UDP stack emulation (IPV4/IPV6) with predefined rules.

Fragmentation (3 modes) supporting dynamic MTU

Exclusive extra optimizations

L2 adaptation Layer

Support LoRaWAN, but also Sigfox, NB-IoT NIDD, NB-IOT IP / LTE-M, satellite, & more

Open to other communication layers, legacy and proprietary LPWANs

Flexible integration

Multi-OS: Bare metal, real-time OS (freeRTOS, ZephyrOS, etc.)

Multi-platform: ARM (Cortex-M0+, M3, M4), X86, ...

Low footprint: ex. for 1KB max size payload, 30KB flash & 8KB RAM. 

Additional features are available as plugins: DTLS, Modbus, CoAP, LWM2M

Acklio SCHC library is available for 3 types of implementation: in either the Application CPU, the Communication Module, or a System on Chip.

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Towards an IoT with no compromise thanks to the Internet Protocols

Why and how implement SCHC in your IoT project today. You’ll learn about the new IETF compression standard practices in IoT and future-proof convergence over IP.
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Acklio:  the SCHC reference integration

As pioneer of the SCHC technology, Acklio provides the worldwide first industry-grade implementation.
Device interoperability
Exchange of info between heterogeneous devices and protocols. Ability to integrate any devices into any IoT platform.
Network interoperability
Seamless messages exchanges though different networks for end-to-end communication.
Cross platforms
Seamless messages exchanges though different networks for end-to-end communication.
A share knowledge of APIs, data model, and operational procedures for a dynamic and automated integration.