Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server:

Setup and manage a private LoRaWAN® Network

Acklio provides a reliable and scalable solution for managing your private network. As a member of the LoRa Alliance, Acklio LoRaWAN® Network Server is compatible with most gateways on the market.

What is a LoRaWAN® Network Server?

The LoRaWAN® Network Server is the backbone for your LoRaWAN® network. It guarantees an efficient link between the devices and the applications.
Network manager

It connects and authenticates the network equipments (gateways, devices) and manages user access.


The LNS governs the network behavior, including synchronization between gateways and devices.

Gateway to IP World

It ensures bidirectional communication between the devices and your applications.

Exclusive features

Value added platform component provided by Acklio for network management made easy and improved quality of service
Real-time 360° view of network, gateways and devices behavior

Monitor your network through a unique interface.

Dynamic dashboarding.

Powerful reporting, performance analysis.

Powerful query language. 

Event logging.

Data Model
Library for parsing/encoding binary data to JSON-like format

Use a common data representation.

Enrich data collection, aggregation, and treatment.

Enhance your data with third-parties.

Avoid technology lock-in and silos of proprietary syntax.

Network Element Discovery
Intuitive devices and gateways onboarding and lifecycle

Discovered automatically new network elements.

Identify and authenticate the ones you want.

Connect, activate and monitor them.

And inside Acklio LNS

State-of-the-art features offered by Acklio with a conscious concern for scalability, security as well as user-friendly approach.
Management Platform
Monitor and manage your LoRaWAN® Network Server.

Tag and manage device groups.

User-specific device alerts.

Diagnose and control your network remotely.

Intuitive graphical user interface.

Real-time network health status.

Connected Device Platform
Build, deploy, and connect your network elements.

Integrated JoinServer. Support external JoinServer (e.g. Gemalto).

Mass provisioning.

Intuitive devices and gateways onboarding.

Control access for devices.

Device history retrieval.

LNS Core Network
Core network compatible with LoRaWAN® specs and regional parameters.

LoRaWAN® MAC Layer 1.0.2, 1.0.

Supports devices class A, B, C.

Configurable Radio Settings (RX1, RX2, ADR).

Authentication and encrypted connection.

Intra-network roaming.

Update your devices with FUOTA.

Our team supports you throughout your project.

Documentation and Guides.

Ticketing system.

Help Service Desk.

Upgradable SLA.

Everything you need for effortless integration.

Specific codec provided.

Manage multiple connectors per device: MQTT, HTTP, WebSocket.

Preloaded IoT Platform: Azure, AWS IoT, …

Your LoRaWAN® network is secured in every aspect.

Secured user management and authorization.

Payload messages encryption and decryption.

Redundancy to prevent downtime.

As an active member of the LoRa Alliance, Acklio ensures compatibility with every reference of gateways that support the LoRa Basics™ Packet Forwarder.

Acklio LNS is part of the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform. Combined, it allows you to extract, compute and move your data up to applications and monetization.

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