Acklio SCHC IP Core:

Build a multi-connectivity IoT architecture

Extend the capabilities of your network architecture by integrating Low-Power Wide-Area coverage. With Acklio software, integration with your existing solutions is now native and seamless thanks to IP-based convergence.

IoT convergence over IP

At Acklio, we consider the different connectivity technologies to be complementary, not competitive. Our software transforms LPWAN network communications into IP to remove the critical barriers to multi-connectivity.
No vendor lock-in

No longer worry about being locked out by a technology or platform provider. Reduce your technical debt with IP convergence. You gain the flexibility to evolve towards network solutions that make sense for operational needs and constraints. Acklio’s software implements IETF standards that will soon be used by many competitive players.

Integration made easy

Forget about proprietary APIs and the burden of specific data formats. The TCP/IP stack provides a standard and unique interface to build your network. As a result, native integration between your current, new and upcoming tools. Your development teams work with a framework they are used to. And network management is simplified and sustainable over time.

Combine connectivities

Do you currently use a mix of Ethernet, short distance connectivity, and industrial automation protocols? Broaden your current architecture and densify your network at a lower cost with one or more LPWAN connectivities. Acklio software bring them into the IP sphere for seamless interoperability and ease of operation today and tomorrow.

How it works

Acklio enables IP end-to-end communication between the device and the application over LPWAN. This functionality is supported by two software components, an IP Device SDK and an IP Core Network.

Empowering your IoT devices. The Acklio SDK device enriches the most constrained end devices with the ability to use the TCP/IP stack. This allows real end-to-end communication over IP between the device and the application.

Acklio IP Core

Acklio’s IP network core allows seamless integration of LPWANs within the IP sphere. Thanks to the SCHC header compression, it transports the IPv6/UDP/CoAP stack on constrained networks for end-to-end IP communication from the object to the application.

SCHC, the new IETF standard for IoT (RFC 8724)

The compression technology used to transport the TCP/IP stack over LPWAN networks is the new IETF standard: Static Context Header Compression, SCHC (pronounced “chic”).
Our team pioneered the technology and is still strongly committed to the standardization process. The Acklio software suite is the first to integrate this technology for industrial deployments.
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Towards an IoT with no compromise thanks to the Internet Protocols

Why and how implement SCHC in your IoT project today. You’ll learn about the new IETF compression standard practices in IoT and future-proof convergence over IP.
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Acklio:  the SCHC reference integration

As pioneer of the SCHC technology, Acklio provides the worldwide first industry-grade implementation.
Device interoperability
Exchange of info between heterogeneous devices and protocols. Ability to integrate any devices into any IoT platform.
Network interoperability
Seamless messages exchanges though different networks for end-to-end communication.
Cross platforms
Seamless messages exchanges though different networks for end-to-end communication.
A share knowledge of APIs, data model, and operational procedures for a dynamic and automated integration.