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Acklio Software for Devices

With Acklio software for devices you can develop innovative IoT products and solutions. Relying on open standard protocols, it is the easy way to connect and manage your current and future devices to a real and secure IoT world.

Device SDK by Acklio

Augment the value and security of your devices

Through its unique Internet and web approach, Device SDK designed by Acklio, is a software to seamlessly develop IP-enabled LPWAN IoT devices. It provides a unique solution to enable your LPWAN IoT devices with enhanced features, end to end security, improved management, or capability upgrade.

Device SDK by Acklio, allows you to easily and quickly connect your hardware device to a real and secure IoT world.


+ SCHC compression-decompression
+ Compatibility with any LPWA network solution
+ Easy integration with any device
+ Device management
+ Device discovery
+ Device profile creation
+ Scalable with device increase


+ End-to-end security
+ Data management
+ Energy efficiency
+ Accelerate development of LPWAN devices
+ Device discovery
+ Agnostic to network technology
+ Remote device interaction

To fully take advantage of your device SDK, you should implement Acklio LPWAN IP Core solution.


Acklio software raises the barriers to a sustainable LPWAN IoT implementation

We provide LPWA networks interoperability, IP enablement, seamless integration, future-proof investment, end to end security, devices and systems compatibility, facilitated data management, device energy efficiency, innovative compression.


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