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Acklio Software for Core Networks

With Acklio software for core network you can unlock true potential of the IoT and bring interoperability between sensors, networks and applications, easy integration and secured interaction.

Acklio Lora Network Server

Software to deploy and manage Secure LoRa Private Networks

The Lora Network Server designed by Acklio allows you to connect, monitor, manage and monetize connected device solutions on LoRaWAN, in an easy and flexible solution.

The Acklio Lora Network Server can interface with several applications platforms. Main functionalities include discovery, on-boarding and authentication of gateways and devices, collection of IoT data from the field, storage and forwarding of messages and commands to devices and identification and routing messages to application servers.


+ Private LoRaWAN network server
+ Device provisioning & management
+ User management
+ Gateway management
+ Authentication / Key storage (AAA, RADIUS authentication, join server compatibility)
+ Exclusive Intra-Network Roaming


+ Security oriented network server
+ Customizable micro-service architecture
+ Zero-touch operation
+ Highly secure operations
+ Long-term stability, longevity
+ Embedded in gateways or hosted in networks
+ Enhanced QoS

Want to further enhance your core network and run any application across any LPWAN technology bringing full-IP connectivity over LPWAN? Want to save costs?

Explore Acklio LPWAN IP Core

Acklio software raises the barriers to a sustainable LPWAN IoT implementation

We provide LPWA networks interoperability, IP enablement, seamless integration, future-proof investment, end to end security, devices and systems compatibility, facilitated data management, device energy efficiency, innovative compression.


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