Full Stack Dev Profile
March 28, 2019


Acklio, provides innovative solutions for object designers, integrators and telecom operators to facilitate the integration of connected objects with IP world standards and ensure their interoperability.

Main Responsibilities

  • Develop with Go (Golang)
  • Work with frameworks like go-kit
  • Build new APIs for our platforms and RESTful front end consumption
  • Build new features on our LORAWAN solutions
  • Ensure high scalability and availability

Position located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Main Requirements

  • You have 3 years experience as a developer with Go (Golang) knowledge and hands-on experience with Git, Linux
  • Working experience in a common programming language (C/C++/C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js/JavaScript)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Networking
  • Deep understanding of design patterns, software development methodologies, and principles
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Solid understanding and working knowledge of modern operating systems, networking, and/or scalability techniques
  • Experience working with a front-end team, and understanding common front-end integrations and workflows
  • You have experience developing JSON-based RESTful Web Services
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure and cloud computing concepts (AWS, Kubernetes)
  • An educational background in the field of Computer Science or similar is a plus, although actual experience is always preferred

Why Acklio

  • Working alongside talented people in an environment which fosters learning and knowledge-sharing
  • Flexible working hours and additional days off
  • Play and relax area in the office
  • Special Discounts

We welcome people who value teamwork, stick to their agreements and are curious to explore new ways for achieving mastery (ALL IN).


Please send your application to jobs@ackl.io