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After successive rescheduling over the last 2 years, we are excited to catch up with the global LoRaWAN community in Paris. Acklio will present its solutions dedicated to IPv6 over LoRaWAN: officially adopted in the LoRaWAN specification, IPv6 is now live, deployed in the field, and available off-the-shelf from key players with Acklio.

IPv6: the next growth driver LoRaWAN

Officially adopted by the LoRa Alliance May 2022, IPv6 support positions LoRaWAN not only as a leading connectivity for the IoT, but also as a great outsider for Internet-based vertical use cases. As a pioneer and leader in this new capability, Acklio brings to LoRaWAN players: true scalable interoperability, global network convergence, and efficient IP/UDP-based services over LoRaWAN. The new generation of IP-based LoRaWAN solutions now integrate seamlessly with standard enterprise, industrial and cloud infrastructures:  

  • Telemetry and secure smart meter management with DLMS,
  • Device management with LwM2M or CORECONF, 
  • Industrial automation with SCADA systems based on Modbus and DNP3,
  • Building management solutions based on BACnet or KNX,
  • Message queues with MQTT-SN, ... 

SCHC and IPv6 brings significant benefits in reducing both time-to-market and TCO, simply by leveraging the existing engineering skills, software components, servers and infrastructure from the Internet world. 

Showcasing IPv6 ready suppliers with Acklio SCHC

At the event, discover part of the ecosystem of IPv6-ready suppliers leveraging Acklio solutions:

  • Actility will showcase DLMS electricity metering over LoRaWAN.
  • HT Micron will unveil its new dual-connectivity SiP, available with a custom SCHC firmware package.
  • The LoRa Alliance dedicates a technical demo pod to the new IPv6 feature and its performances.
  • ST Microelectronics to illustrate the  SCHC Developer Program with live application ex. on STM32WL5.
  • Exclusive panel with feedback on DLMS meter deployments with LoRaWAN.