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For this annual meeting of the French LPWAN & 5G community, our CEO Alexander Pelov will give an overview keynote of IPv6 over LoRaWAN adopted by the LoRa Alliance (market perspectives and tools for developers).

Keynote by Alexander Pelov, CEO and cofounder of Acklio

IPv6 over LoRaWAN adopted by the LoRa Alliance - market perspectives and tools for developers

Mid-May 2022, the LoRa Alliance has announced the new specification that officially adopts Internet Protocol (IPv6) support over LoRaWAN. This new feature enables LoRaWAN to meet the demand for additional use cases in smart metering, Industry 4.0, smart building and smart home, among others.

The availability of the IPv6 Internet stack enables the rapid development of interoperable and secure services. A developer can now use any of the myriad existing IP/UDP services to deploy secure interoperable and end-to-end solutions over LoRaWAN with virtually no modification.

IPv6 support over LoRaWAN leverages the next generation of IETF-defined compression and fragmentation, SCHC (pronounced "chic"), which takes advantage of the predictability of IoT traffic and avoids synchronization between network entities. As a pioneer of SCHC technology, Acklio is marking the event by opening free access to its "SCHC Developer Program" and thus offering all the resources to test, prototype and present IP-based solutions on LoRaWAN.

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