The history behind Acklio

Acklio comes from the meeting between Alexander Pelov and Laurent Toutain in 2010, while they were both researchers at Télécom Bretagne. First focussed on the evolution of the Internet architecture, historically with IPv6, they laid their interest on the optimization of protocols for the Internet of Things, notably with the creation of a pico-IPv6 stack. In 2013, they push this concept with a project called “Open Energy Data”, aimed at monitoring and sharing of electricity consumption among individuals. They identify a lack of tools for managing both the collection network and the equipment fleet. They also anticipate issues of interoperability for these constrained networks.

That’s the trigger! Acklio was founded in 2016.
A few weeks after the IETF LPWAN working group was launched and we began developing industrialized products for the IoT market.

Discover below the milestones and highlights of Acklio.

The initiators

Alexander Pelov


CEO and CTO of Acklio, Alexander is also co-chair of the LPWAN working group within the IETF standardization body and a member of the IETF IoT Directorate.
Alexander obtained his thesis in Computer Science in 2009 from the University of Strasbourg. He was then a lecturer at Télécom Bretagne until 2016. His work focused on the energy efficiency in wireless networks and the use of Smart Grids in smart meters and electric vehicles. Alexander is the co-author of more than 30 scientific paper in international conferences and journals with selection committees.

Laurent Toutain


Co-founder and scientific advisor of Acklio, Laurent is also an Associate Professor at IMT Atlantique graduate engineering school. He worked for several years on IPv6 and participated in the creation of the G6 group, which has been gathering researchers and industrialists around IPv6 since 1995.
His current research focuses on protocols and architectures specific to IoT’s needs. From 2011 to 2015, he managed the Smart Grid competence center shared by Télécom Bretagne, Texas Instruments and ITRON. He is the author of several books on networks.

Milestones & highlights

From academic research to market opportunity

2010 Developed a pico-IPv6 stack for Arduino ➞ Read more on project “ARESA2” (FR)

2013 Creation of the Smart Grid Competence Center at Telecom Bretagne in partnership with Texas Instrument and Itron ➞ Read more (FR)

2014 Launch of the collaborative project “open energy data”, monitoring and sharing of electricity consumption among private households in Rennes.

2015 Deployment of LoRa FABian, an open LoRaWAN® Network in Rennes for makers (still in operation today).


Let’s do it!

Acklio is born! Alexander becomes a full-time entrepreneur and the first two employees, Arun and Ivaylo, join the company to develop the core LoRaWAN® Network. At the same time, we embark on standardization at IETF to consolidate our vision.

In April, we engage the initial discussion within at IETF 95 meeting held in Buenos Aires. The first step of what will officially become the LPWAN working group in Berlin at the IETF 96 meeting in July ➞ Read more on the standardization process at IETF.


Building-up the R&D roadmap in partnership

We mark out our R&D roadmap of proofs of concept in partnership with various market players. The objective is twofold: to demonstrate the technical relevance of our compression technology and its value for future industrial deployments.

April: Demonstrated Sigfox interoperability with IP

July: Demonstrated IP over LoRaWAN® with Objenious and EDF

Feb 2018: Demonstrated IPv6 operation over LoRaWAN® with CISCO


Preparing for market launch

February: Best Telco Innovation Awards Orange at MWC Barcelona.

May: Public presentation of our LPWAN Backup Connectivity Kit together with Cisco.

July: i-LAB grant by the French Ministry of Research and Education.

October: Listed in the top 500 deep tech startup worldwide by Hello World.

November: Last Call IETF, SCHC is about to be acknowledged as a standard.

December: Launch of our multi-connectivity solutions, IP Core and Device SDK offers.


Product release and consolidation

January: Winner of both ENGIE and Wavestone "Coup de coeur" prizes at the CES, Las Vegas

February: Joining Shake’up, the firm’s startup accelerator program by Wavestone.

March: Listed among the 7 best Industry4.0 solutions of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge.

May: Product release, the Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server v3 is out!

June: Demonstration of SCHC as a universal protocol adaptation layer

November: Demonstration of DLMS over LoRaWAN® and €2M fundraising with Ille et Vilaine Expansion, Innovacom and Starquest Capital


Institutional and financial supports