Meet Acklio at the European Cyber Week

November 18, 2019

Come and meet with us at the European Cyber Week in Rennes.

We will present enhanced security solutions for IoT networks and services. By integrating SCHC, the new compression-fragmentation standard for Low-Power Wide-Area networks, we enable interoperable, secured and rapid integration of your IoT deployment infrastructure.

See how Acklio’s solutions empower your IoT deployment with true end-to-end security:

  • Consistent security practices: Use trusted solution on the IoT environment: OSCORE, DTLS, firewall
  • Future-proof framework and standard stacks: Make your app universal on any IoT network (DLMS, LwM2M, CoAP…)
  • Multi-Network convergence to IP: Aggregate multiple network/techno, make them all communicate through IP
  • Continuous communication & dual connectivity:l Ensure connection continuity or build a backup link (connected soldier, remote equipment management...)
  • Offer semantic interoperability: Enrich data collection with open data-model description over CoAP