Acklio meeting with the North America IoT ecosystem at MWC Los Angeles

2018-10-22T16:41:55+00:00 September 22nd, 2018|

Here we are, back from the Mobile World Congress Americas. Let us share our feedback about this amazing event.

3 days, 110 countries, 22 000 attendees gathered in Los Angeles to share the key trends and innovation shaping the way we work and live together. Less attendees than the European edition in Barcelona, this is true. Please note that we found this event very qualitative. Most of our leads were at senior-level positions: CEOs, CTOs, VP sales, investors, … The whole North American IoT ecosystems from was part of it. 

One key word: 5G IoT is here! Device makers, gateway manufacturers, system integrators are moving from Proof of Concepts to concrete IoT deployments. Relying on LPWAN technology such as LoRaWAN or NB-IoT, North American industries have the ball in their court.

And we know that moving to digital, and specifically IoT, create new opportunities to face transition challenges. But it’s also new systems to operate and integrate. That’s why we showcased our innovation enabling Internet Protocol Suite and management over any IoT network. It accelerates and secures technically and financially industrials’ future deployments.

Some attendees didn’t believe it possible to use the IP stack in constraint networks. We demonstrated how we indeed make them switch to a true multi connectivity architecture.

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Many thanks to our partner BCI and the Brittany region, French Tech Los Angeles, to be part of our international journey.