LoRa Network Suite

Software for 

Secure Private Networks 

based on 

LoRaWAN 1.0.2

LNS Features

Security-Oriented Network Server Core*

IETF IP stack with LoRaWAN-optimized compression

Native IETF IoT Stack – IP/UDP/CoAP

RADIUS Authentication / AAA / Join Server Compatibility

Intra-Network Roaming**

Customizable Microservice Architecture

In Your Gateways (Embedded) – In Your Network (Hosted)

At your fingertips to customize through a rich, documented API

Private Networks :  Industry – Agriculture – Buildings – ITS

* Compatible LoRaWAN 1.02, OTAA+ABP, ADR, EU/US, core extension of an open-source project @brocaar

** Exclusive ACKLIO functionality based on open standards


Per gateway

  • Embedded or in-network (single gateway).
  • One-time or yearly license, less than 200 devices per gateway.
  • Ideal for small deployments, transparent LoRaWAN networking and application development.

Per network

  •  Multi-gateway coverage of a site / multi-site deployment.
  •  One-time or yearly license, dependent on number of gateways / number of sites, less than 200 devices per gateway.
  •  Ideal for industrial / city networks.


  • Contact us to evaluate the feasibility of your project.